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COPERION C-Beyond HMI: Operation of extrusion systems

The latest generation of Coperion’s compounding and extrusion systems stands out particularly with a user-optimized operating concept. And an innovative UI design that directs the user’s attention. Processing plastics using extrusion requires precise adjustment of the process parameters. The interplay of temperature, pressure and the appropriate screw speed generates high-quality plastics from raw materials. The process must be well planned, controlled and monitored.

The new HMI of the extrusion plants from Coperion provides optimum access to all operating functions. A dashboard and an interactive machine image provide a quick overview of all important information that operators want to keep in focus at all times. Based on the principle of "details on demand", many other functions and a lot of additional information are made easily and intuitively accessible. Despite this multitude of interaction possibilities, the operator does not have to leave the home screen.

When not in use, a distance view is activated, with the help of which the status of the systems can be assessed even from a distance of several metres.

Plastics Technology
UX design

From the machine to the complete system overview

By integrating modular information widgets and machine overviews
we were able to develop a scalable operating concept with which it is possible to navigate smoothly from the extrusion machine to any part of the Coperion plant.

Smart machine features

To meet the requirements of higher user levels, additional smart machine features were designed and implemented. In this way, notifications or maintenance appointments are visible at a glance using an event-based time line and a need for action can be intuitively assessed. To view these notifications or appointments in detail, both tabular and calendar views are available, which can be filtered and sorted in accordance with individual requirements.

Distance View

The distance view provides the most important information from a distance.


Orders can be visualised as a time line and can thus be planned in the best possible way.

Project work

We developed both the visual design and the usability and user experience concept of the HMI. For the trade fair prototype we carried out the technical implementation using web technology.

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